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Yes. A tank set falls under the gas discipline (454 L or less). The permit scope includes all/parts of tank/cylinder and their placement/securement, piping/hoses/fittings, up to and including connection to a building gas system and/or appliance outside or separate from a building component (ie: temp heater, stock heater, etc) Any connection to an appliance needs to be specifically indicated on your gas application or a separate permit is required for those connections.
You may obtain the permit for a furnace replacement for your own home/dwelling or a journeyman gas fitter can obtain the permit as a contractor. The Permit Regulation also allows a journeyman sheet metal worker to obtain a gas permit for the replacement of a furnace in a single family residential dwelling.
Yes, a permit is required for a temporary heat connection/installation.
Who can obtain a permit for temporary heat?
The Permit Regulation Section 13(1) notes that a permit issuer may issue a permit in the gas discipline to the following:
a. A gasfitter;
b. An owner who resides or intends to reside in a single family residential dwelling if the gas system serves the dwelling;
c. An owner of a farm building if the gas system serves the farm building;
No, a permit isn’t required to install a water service connecting a building to a municipal or private water supply or to install a building sewer or storm sewer outside a building.
A plumbing permit is not required to change out fixtures if no design change to the piping system is taking place. If rough in plumbing has previously been completed and permitted, the installation of fixtures will not require another permit.
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